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The Hugh Paton Path

The Hugh Paton Memorial Path was one of the major achievements of the Auchencairn Initiative in 2005. It was officially opened on May 13th 2006 by the former Lord-Lieutenant Sir Norman Arthur and Mrs. Paton.

This is a photographic walk around the Hugh Paton Path which goes across Auchencairn Bay, to Red Ha'en then Torr Point and down into Orchardton Bay. It was shot in October 2005. 

One of the  (many) things that makes Auchencairn special is Hestan Island. Once the site of John de Baliol's winter 'palace' this charming island now is a home for sheep and the odd intrepid holiday maker.Image
One of the main challenges for this walk was how to get as close to the foreshore as possible. In the end, the use of 'boardwalks' allows users to get right in amongst the reeds without wading knee deep in mud!
Here's a fine example of one of the current occupants of Torr FarmImage
The shore here is in constant change. High tides cut new channels in the mud, whilst all the time, vegetation gains more hold.